Boutique Bows

Beautiful bows that are all loops, no tails.  They range from tiny to very large, and can be simple singles, elegant doubles, or even fun stacked bows.

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  • Double BoutiquesDSC06644

    Double boutiques range from itty bitty, 2″ wide, all the way up to 5 or 6″ wide. They can be made in single colors, or two ribbon variations. Solids, prints, mix & match! Lots of fun to create! They can be attached to any of our clip options, or even a pony-O! Contact Sarah Beth’s [...]

  • Single Boutique BowsDSC05849

    Single boutique bows are classically simple! These bows range in size from as less than 2″ wide, “tiny” boutiques, all the way to large 5″ boutiques made with 1/5″ wide ribbon. They can be made in solids, prints, grosgrain, or satin. Single boutiques can be attached to any style clip, or even a pony-o. Custom [...]

  • Stacked Boutique BowsIMG_2524

    Boutique bows “stacked” with spikes, loops, etc. These are generally bigger bows, measuring 4-6″ wide. They can be attached to any of our clip options, and worn by any age! Babies can wear them on headbands, and big girls can wear them on french clips with pony tails. Lots of room for creativity here – [...]

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